Mulago View Hostel.
Mulago View Hostel.

Mulago View Hostel shares the uphill of Makerere Kavule along Muganzirwaza road just before Bugema University, Kampala Campus.

The hostel accommodates students studying at Makerere University.

Mulago view Hostel is just 50 meters off Muganzirwaza road and its signage is just about 30 meters before Bugema University (Kampala Campus).

Though not endowed with a remark of perks that go with basic accommodation at most hostels, Mulago view Hostel paints a great deal of comfort, thanks to the quiet environment.

Information breakdown

Hostel Name: Mulago View hostel

Location: 50 meters off Muganzirwaza road Makerere Kavule.

Gender specifications: Accommodates both Male and Female students (Mixed).

Services available: Basic accommodation services.

Charges: Range from 420,000 to 700000 Uganda Shillings.

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