Music Review: Ankuba By Zafaran

Music Review: Ankuba By Zafaran

On Tuesday, she released the audio and video for her brand new song titled ‘Ankuba’ which can be defined as “crushing on a man.

Written by Tamugi and produced by Grammy nominee producer Steyn, the song is lyrically rich from the lyrics to the audio production, and the visuals.

Ankuba checks all the boxes in regard to the music that has made all musicians from the Swangz Avenue household names.

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The song is refined with some local pop, a pearl of melodies backed with mastered production from Steve Keys.

Ankuba maxes out Zafaran’s vocals tapping into that sometimes raspy girl next door thing she does with her voice that makes her impossible to ignore.

Mostly though, this is a song written by a young generation writer that managed to figure her ability out and produced by a fellow that understood the sort of musical nuances that work for Zafaran.

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