Music Review: Bamututte By Azawi

Music Review: Bamututte By Azawi

She has certainly proven she was no fluke, and Swangz Avenue are riding high on this. Makes you wonder how long they can hold on to her – this is an artiste with the poise and ability to make it at an international level.

Bamututte is her latest single, and thematically speaking, it is an intriguing one. She has tended to explore themes that are not what you might call ‘traditional’ as far as the Ugandan pop scene is concerned.

On Bamututte, she goes the traditional route, singing about a woman that is nervous that another well-endowed woman is getting the attention of her man.

It is instantly relatable of course – the relationship columns in Uganda are filled with stories of this sort, especially in a land where endowment is an important trait. However, it is certainly a new thematic direction for her to tackle, and something of clever move – audiences she hasn’t reached with her earlier material will probably be interested in this sort of thing.

Azawi has been racking up miles on the road with performances all over the country, and the lads at Swangz Avenue may have noticed the need for this sort of thematic approach to her music when they visited those audiences.

She delivers it with aplomb, giving it that unique vocal delivery that really makes her stand out so easily. The fact that the song is strung together as a dancehall track will help a lot – think along the lines of dancehall and a light hint of reggae tone.

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