Music Review: Kwetega By Ruyonga Ft Rickmanrick

Music Review: Kwetega By Ruyonga Ft Rickmanrick

This particular song is the sort of situation where that would occur.

Like, why does Rickman call himself Rickman Manrick? Did it seem like a good idea at the time he came up with that combination of names or was he having a bad day at the creative office?

The track against which the two artistes perform itself is not half bad. It’s a great bed, with light, punchy percussion and some synth keys designed to ensure you can listen to their delivery.

Ruyonga is in his element on this one, switching between English, Lugaflow, and what must be Rugaflow (which is what I assume rapping in Runyoro is).

Everything was alright until Rickman started rapping. #OhFatherGad.

He sounds like a poor man’s edition of Fik Fameica (and Fik Fameica is not someone I rate either).

And you know the unbelievable part? Rickman has not one but two cameos on this track, disastrous ones.

Singer Ruyonga
                                                                                   Singer Ruyonga

I genuinely hope music is just a hobby as far as he is concerned – because he better work harder at that day job. Listening to him was genuinely painful, especially juxtaposed against the backdrop of Ruyonga’s lines and the delightful beat put together by Josh B (I think it was).

Ruyonga usually has effective collaborations. Down the years they have been as varied as they have been enjoyable. Kwetega sounds like one of those film projects that Nicholas Cage accepts, where you were sure he was doing it just so he could cash a rent cheque. Terrible and inexplicable.

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