Music Review: Mwai By Aida Vee

Music Review: Mwai By Aida Vee

Aida Vee showcases her vocal prowess and lyrical maturity, the qualities that have made her such a talent to watch in the coming months.

Aida Vee
                                                                                            Aida Vee

You don’t need to listen to the whole of it to tell it is a good song. Aida Vee’s ‘Mwai’ is quite an earful and she deserves the appreciation.

Melodiously rich, it also exposes her songwriting skills and the sound makes it such a top-notch production without any mediocrity.

Mwai will with no doubt grab your attention straight away from the start to the end because of the way it is packaged and arranged vocally and content-wise by the writer and singer.

Produced by Charles Baluku, the song starts, it goes straight into the lyrics which are the title of the song “Mwai” which helps it to sink in.

Song has a mix of lightheartedness but the visuals directed by Mastermind Laray portray the powerfulness of its meaning embedded in the lyrics.

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