Namboole Management Cancels Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga Concert

Namboole Management Cancels Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga Concert

Singer turned politician Bobi Wine’s  Kyarenga Concert that was scheduled to take place on October 20, 2018 in Namboole Stadium has been cancelled.

This is according to the letter written by Management of Namboole Stadium on Thursday October 11, 2018, citing the stadium has been booked by two upcoming events including a wedding ceremony on October 20.

Singer turned politician Bobi Wine has had his intended concert cancelled.

“Kindly note the stadium has two pre-booked events namely Uganda Athletic Federation workshop from 15th October to 26th October and a wedding ceremony on 20th October 2018”, the letter reads.

Bobi Wine was therefore advised to select another date for the show in line with the guidelines of the Uganda Police.

On Thursday, Jamil Ssewanyana, the Managing Director of the Namboole Stadium confirmed that Bobi had booked the venue, however waiting for pending approval from the police.

“It’s true they [Fire Base Crew] have approached us, we have advised them to get clearance like any other event that we hold in the stadium. They [must] get clearance from police to hold such a concert… All events – football, the church, you know it very well, it’s clearance that is required…There are other activities on the day of the event and the person booking has to fulfil the requirements.” Ssewanyana said.

In a phone interview on Thursday according to the Observer, Ssewanyana added that the venue is however booked for other shows, however capacity to accommodate both is available if Police approves.

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