National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Visits IUIU

National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Visits IUIU

A team of experts from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) visited Islamic University in Uganda today 23rd of July 2022. The visit was undertaken by NCHE to assess the IUIU enhancement of its Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL) System since their last visit in December 2021 on. The NCHE is a regulatory body for all Uganda’s higher education institutions such as Universities.

The team from NCHE comprised Dr. Martin Iremaut Osikei (team leader); Tito Kayigwa; Ovia Kyatuha; Cosmas Muhumuza; Harriet Kabuuka; Mildred Nakayuki while the team from IUIU included Dr. Jamil Serwanga, the Vice-Rector Academic Affairs (team leader); Dr. Halima Wakabi Akbar, the Academic Registrar; Dr. Amal Kinene, Director Quality Assurance; Dr. Musa Chemisto, the ICT Manager; Mr. Alemu Shaban Okurut, Dean Faculty of Science; Ms. Hamidah Nagadya, Dean faculty of Law; Mr. Sessanga Rashid, Deputy Dean Faculty of Management Studies; Mr. Sekalema Hamza, the ERP Manager; Chekwoti Ramadhan, Lwembawo Ibrahim, and Nakamanya Swabra.

The IUIU team showcased its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which integrates the OdeL module used for teaching, learning, assessment, course appraisals and monitoring. The IUIU team presented progress made on ODeL enhancements which inclide: New system features, Improved Security settings, Trainings programs to support students and staff, system backups, Mobile apps etc.

The colourful meeting was chaired by IUIU’s Vice Rector for Academics Dr. Jamil Serwanga and NCHE’s Dr. Martin Iremaut Osikei. Dr. Martin Iremaut thanked IUIU for hosting the NCHE team, and further praised IUIU’s robust ODeL system. Dr. Martin Iremaut and the NCHE team suggested new features that IUIU must add to its remarkable ODeL system.

The Dr. Jamil Serwanga thanked the NCHE team for visiting IUIU regularly, and commended NCHE for having a very good correspondence with IUIU. Dr. Jamail Serwanga succinctly stated that IUIU values its relationship with NCHE and appreciates the constant support and communication with NCHE. Dr. Jamail Serwanga further informed the NCHE team that IUIU will implement all recommendations suggested.

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