New Sky Pool opens at Embassy Gardens in south-west London

New Sky Pool opens at Embassy Gardens in south-west London

This new sky pool is believed to be the world’s first transparent pool built between two sky scrapers.

The pool sits 10 storeys up, spanning 25 meters between two apartment buildings.

Around April 23rd 2021, there was news about the “floating pool” in London which was to be open to residents for swimming in May.

The time is right as the pool has been officially opened for swimming to the residents.

The pool stretches from one apartment block to another at over 100 feet from the ground and is said to be the world’s first “floating” glass pool.

Transparent pool in London

The transparent Sky Pool is 25 meters (82 feet) long and stretches across the 14-meter (46 feet) gap between the two luxury Embassy Gardens apartment blocks in south-west London, 35 meters (115 feet) from the ground. “Wow!”

If you are afraid of heights, swimming in this pool could really be hard as you look down to the ground below but it really looks spectacular.

However, you have to be a resident to swim in the pool.

One of the residents swimming at the pool

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