Nkumba students chase off lecturer

“We don’t want him,we don’t want him”, was the song that the annoyed students of social sciences at Nkumba University sung to their lecturer. They are protesting against Mr.Goerge Barenzi for giving them low marks in the papers he teaches and they want him sacked.

On hearing that students were going to give him a red card on the fateful afternoon lecture, Barenzi resorted to ‘cutting‘ the lesson. And before students thought of getting Barenzi out of his office, he had already rushed to his car before speeding off for fear of being lynched by students.

“He gives zeroes and retakes,does this mean that we are all foolish”, a student pointed out. A retake costs one hundred thousand shillings per paper failed at Nkumba.

The academic registrar, Prof.Muyinda Mande tried to cool down the students but his convincing speech fell on deaf ears as students shouted, “we don’t want to see Barenzi again in our class”.

However,the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. H.  Ssengendo managed to sweet talk the students when he told them that their concern was going to be addressed in a week’s time. The students agreed and walked away contented with the DVC’s promise.

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