Otafiire voted President of Makerere university Ethics and Human Rights Association

Otafire Henry
Otafire Henry, President of Makerere Ethics & Human Rights Association.

Makerere university Ethics and Human Rights Association elected Otafiire Henry as their founder President early this month (May).

Otafiire won with 226 votes. His opponent, Bbarigye Emma got 126 votes.

Henry is a second year student of ethics and human rights.  He is a passionate and indefatigable defender of human rights.

I’m a government sponsored student. I have authored a number of articles detesting the state of affairs in Makerere University. I believe students of Makerere can rise up in large numbers and challenge the rot, fraud, stagnation and poor service delivery at the 91 yr old institution,” Henry says.

The fact that the guild council has failed to address the plight of an ordinary Makerean, I believe we can use social media to transform our society and the university in particular, he noted

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