Over 1400 People Homeless After Flash Floods Erase Their Houses

Over 1400 People Homeless After Flash Floods Erase Their Houses

Families are at a risk of hunger and loss of livelihood after heavy rainstorm hit Oyam district and left houses, gardens, animals, birds and fish ponds destroyed in Minakula and Aber subcounties.

Irene Nakasiita, the Uganda RedCross Society said they have deployed emergency preparedness and response teams to conduct rapid accessment ascertain the magnitude of the disaster and how families can be supported to cope and recover from this incident.

 Some 1,400 people are currently pondering for their next step after flash floods erased their houses and crops in Namalu sub county in Nakapiripirit district.

The floods caused by a heavy downpour on Wednesday also destroyed Namalera bridge which links Karamoja district to the rest of the Eastern districts such as Kapchorwa and Mbale.

Road transport system was forced to come to a stand still in that part of the region since the water levelsraised above the bridge and washed it away. The transport fares also took a turn for the worse.

 The heavy rains that took over five hours caused all vehicles change route and pass Nakakpiripirit, Moroto, Katakwi to Soroti and Mbale, a distance of 380 kilometers, from 200 kilometers when they use Moroto, Mbale via Nakapiripirit.

Tonny Agatha, chief of Namalu Subcounty said that besides destroying and erasing the bridge, the heavy rain came along with floods that destroyed people’s gardens.

 Mr. Mark Icumar the village chairperson of Namalu village said many houses have been damaged while others have become weaker and that they are on the verge of collapsing.

He said the floods crossed to people’s homes after the bridge got damaged. 

“The water came at a terrible speed and carried away all the metallic culverts that Uganda National Roads Authority had placed,” Icumar said.             

 Ms. Grace Moru, one of the resident said two of her granaries full of sorghum and  eight of chicken were swept away by floods.           
 “Right now I don’t know where to start from, all my food is gone, that in the garden which I was supposed to have harvested has also been damaged!” she sobbed.         

The State Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness, Musa Ecweru said that he will assign experts to the area to do more assessment.

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