Over 150 Ugandans Deported from United Arab Emirates Due to Crime

Mr Moses Kasujja,  told Daily Monitor that some of the deportees had committed offences and were serving jail sentences.

According to Mr. Kasujja, the deported Ugandans were declared undesirable citizens in the UAE, however, he added that negotiations are pending to ensure that those on life sentence are brought home for trial. Deportations started on September 1 and are still ongoing until end of month.

“When UAE agrees, they can be brought home and be tried in Uganda, sentenced and imprisoned here,” he said.

Police in Dubai had earlier released a list of 38 Ugandans; 11 of whom are women and 2 serving life sentences for drug trafficking in Al Awiir Central jail, one of Dubai’s biggest prisons.

The September 18 list indicate that some Ugandans had been arrested for unlawful stay, working with a non-sponsor and unlawful return after previous deportation.

Others were charged with drug trafficking and sentenced to life imprisonment, one for kidnapping and four over forgery offences.

However, Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga, alias SK Mbuga, who was allegedly imprisoned in UAE for fraud is not mentioned on the list.

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