Over 7200 Students to Graduate at Kyambogo University’s 15th Graduation Ceremony

Over 7200 Students to Graduate at Kyambogo University’s 15th Graduation Ceremony

Over 7200 students are said to graduate in Kyambogo University, with the ceremonies scheduled from Wednesday to Friday this week.

This is said to be the highest number of students graduating from the government based University with the highest being 7078 in 2017.

The graduations ceremonies are to take place from Wednesday up to Friday to cater for all students from various faculties.

Wednesday will be a day for students from School of Management and Faculty of Special Needs.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Vocational Studies will graduate on Thursday while Faculty of Education, Science and Engineering will graduate on Friday.

President Museveni re-appointed Prof John Ssebuwufu, the University Chancellor to preside over the ceremony, according to the University Vice Chancellor.

Prof Eli Katunguka, the University Vice Chancellor stated that students will graduate basing on the completion of their academic requirement.

He however said that students who haven’t completed their tuition will be allowed to graduate but won’t receive their academic transcripts.

 “This time we have said that students will graduate on the basis of having completed academic requirements. If a student has passed all the prescribed courses, he or she will graduate. There are students who still owe the university money but we are going to give them the chance of graduating and clear their dues later,” Prof Katunguka said.

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