Over 80% Lawyers Fail LDC Exams

Over 80% Lawyers Fail LDC Exams
Over 80 percent of Lawyers who sat for Law Development Centre (LDC) forĀ  2017/18 Bar Course failed. Recently released results from the centre speculates that of the 800 lawyers who sat the exams in August, only 139 managed to reach the pass mark. 33 lawyers have also been discontinued for failing the three main units of family law, civil procedure, criminal procedure, corporate and commercial and land transactions. 650 lawyers who failed exams will have another chance to a paper resit. The 77 lawyers who passed but failedĀ  the weekly individual assessment (IA), are set to resit them. However, the fees for supplementary and special examinations were hiked from sh100,000 to sh300,000.  
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