Partying the Campus Style

Partying the Campus Style
Paka chini:University students dance during one of the numerous Campus  parties.Such is the  atmosphere at the close of each week
Paka chini:University students dance during one of the numerous Campus parties.This is the kind of
atmosphere at the close of each week.

At Club Pals, you will witness all sorts of bolingo dances, elephant men’s style of dance and other unknown dance strokes.

As usual, guyz were created to give so it is their responsibility to make waiters busy with orders.

Get her a drink……..,” he tells the waiter confidently but worried of the chic ordering for an expensive wine.

Remember the saying “work without play makes jack a dull a boy.” This weekend we take you through the near by happening places at Nkumba University.

After a stressful week of lectures, assignments, tests and course works, there is a reason to move out and forget this kind of stuff.

There are many happening places from where Nkumba University campusers shake their bodies as if they are boneless.

These campusers happen on Fridays because that is when their weekend kicks off. So chics begin to prepare what God gave them, yes call them goodies not forgetting the make ups to spice up their forced looks.

You can see all the “swaggarific” designs that will make men start smelling a rat.

The traffic at the street of S & S is more than that at Kawempe, this time not caused by vehicles but by chics and guyz waiting for their invited guests to move out with.

They keep moving from side to side, chics making calls “sweetie…..where are you, am here waiting…..”

Mango Bar: For those interested in fish and pork Mango Bar is the place, just a walkable distance away from campus. Here is where the so-called intellectuals dine as they listen to old music.

Though break dancing is not common at this bar, the students who attend to this bar only know how to node their heads and finger tapping besides eating pork.

Club L2 is yet another happening place for the big spenders. At this underground club, entrance fee is only 5k. The club is cool for those who want to hide away from the public. One can only tell that you are enjoying life like there is no heal if he or she is also happening from that club.

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