Sir pinto girls hostel
Sir pinto Girls hostel

A notably isolated facility yet collectively lively in its own kind. Quite unique. The remarkable number of young women, moving this way and that, in and out of the hostel attracts our attention. A simple signpost pined at the gate meets our expectation. Pinto’s Girls Hostel the inscription tells. We slope to the court yard to express our interest of knowing who they are. Pinto’s Girls Hostel is one of the many hostels around Makerere University

By look, the hostel seems an old member in the clan of hostel services. This is a remarkable attribute to reckon on. This experience is what has enabled a degree of freedom that the residents enjoy. The hostel is open to residents 24/7 according to the caretaker, only known as Musa.

Basic information

Hostels Name: Pinto’s Girls Hostel

Location: Plot 718, Nanfubambi Road Makerere Kikoni

Specifications: Ladies

Services available: Dstv, shuttle, etc

Perks: on taxi lane, Good environment, Degree of freedom,

Charges:  Ranges from ushs 450,000 to 900,000

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