Poor Sanitation in Mountains of the Moon University Hostels


Poor sanitation is when people living in a particular setting don’t have good sewage system and live in dirty environment and inability to create proper disposal paints for rubbish.

Like any other hostels around universities in Uganda each of them is obliged and questioned to promote good sanitation rather than poor sanitation that can cause worry and affect the health of students in their respective hostels.

Natumanya caroline, resident pink hostel


Alinaitwe Thomas a second year student in one of the hostels around mountains of the moon university says that there has been poor disposal of wastes by students who dump leftovers of food which attracts flies that transmit diseases like cholera and diarrhoria that affect their life.

He also says that poor sanitation has led to destruction of environment where by students dispose things which don’t decompose like the plastics and polythene papers that destroys the soil structure and soil living organisms

Natumanya Caroline a third year student at mmu in the other hostel reveals that the dirty toilets and urinals have caused diseases like candida, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and this has made many of the students quit to other hostels.


Kahuma Abas the health Minister Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) says that the university recommends hygiene practices in every hostel like every hostel having a latrine one for boys and the other for ladies according to number of students in a given hostel.

He adds that every hostel must have a pit where they throw rubbish and not dispose them where ever they see.

Mpanja Jacinta the hostel manager says that good hygiene is to every student and everyone must take responsibility to keep   good sanitation mopping their rooms on a daily basis, cleaning of toilets and washrooms and proper disposal of sanitary towels by the ladies.

Luca a hostel manager of a hostel around mmu also recommends students not to pour contaminated water though some of the students couldn’t abide of which he terms them as “complicated machines to operate “who instead of disposing rubbish in the pit they rather dump it where ever they see.

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