Prima Kadarshi Has Responded How Mr. Henrie Was Good To Her

Prima Kadarshi Has Responded How Mr. Henrie Was Good To Her

Singer Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady’s ex-lover and baby mama, Prima Kadarshi, has revealed that she is looking for the right partner and she is ready to date a number of men until she finds the right one.

Her revelation comes a few weeks after reports indicated that Prima and Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie were no more.

Earlier this month, the 28-year-old Prima was seen in the video partying with Medi Moore in Dubai. This was allegedly the “deal breaker” for Henrie and Prima to part ways.

While speaking in an interview on local television this morning, Prima Kardashi, who left Geosteady and had moved in with Mr. Henrie, confirmed that she had separated from Mr. Henrie.

“He was too good for me and I did not want to be the reason he would hate being in the relationship,” said Prima.

She added, “I have now decided to focus on me. Mr. Henrie and I are not in any fight or anything. I have decided to pause it to focus on me and my career, and I want him to focus on his.”

Going forward, the mother of two is ready to date as many men as she wants, as long as they can support her and her business.

“I can date whoever I want. I can date many men until I find the one. Currently, I want someone who is very different from me, “Prima said.

“Any man who comes into my life will find me with my business and he will have to support me and my business,” she added.

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