Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe wants Makerere University School of Law Closed

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe wants Makerere University School of Law Closed

Makerere University vice chancellor, Professor Barnabas Nawangwe accuses School of Law for being adamantly defiant.

Nawangwe stated that despite the fact that all the other colleges have resumed lectures, the Law school has stayed closed ever since the start of the semester.

It is on these grounds that the professor, on Tuesday, let out agony and advised the University management to suspend the school indefinitely.

“All colleges have since resumed full teaching except the school of Law where no teaching has been reported. The continued defiance by the School of Law, means that the students will not be taught for a fourth week running and this is likely to lead to a deterioration of discipline among the students with unforeseen consequences,” Nawangwe declared in a report.

The Makerere University council chairperson, Ms Lorna Magara had earlier sent prof. Nawangwe a directive to provide a report on the management-staff divide.

In a report seen by Daily Monitor, the Vice Chancellor alleges that School of Law lecturers are inciting fellow dons to shun teaching and go back on strike.

“Given the position taken by the School of Law to defy authority and incite the rest of the University to follow their bad example, it is recommended that the school of Law be closed indefinitely. The staff should be required to hand over University property and the students advised to return home and await further instructions.”

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