Prof Elly Katunguka Delivers Plan to Increase Kyambogo University Source of Funding

Prof Elly Katunguka Delivers Plan to Increase Kyambogo University Source of Funding

Kyambogo University is planning to enlarge its main sources of funding to enable the University run efficiently, according to the Vice Chancellor Prof Elly Katunguka.

Katunguka was attending the press conference last Friday in Entebbe after the University Council retreat and cited renting out University idle land to investors would be key.

“The university has a lot of idle land. What are we using it for? We can get investors through the public private partnership to develop hostels, hotels and malls so that we can generate money to supplement the university’s income,” Prof Katunguka said.

The retreat involved a lot of discussions that were meant to propel the University to move forward without many constraints.

He added that the institution which has more than 25000 students operates on Shs141b from the government and about Shs47b tuition from students which he cited isn’t enough to run the university.

So the university on a larger extent depends on tuition fees and we cannot only depend on this to operate,” Prof Katunguka said.

He however added that the University is looking forward to developing a policy that would market the institution and do much of re-branding since the world is now digital.

Prof John Okedi, the chairperson of the University Council said members will be equipped with skills in leadership and management as the outcome of the retreat to move the University forward.

“Members will be able to interact with each other and know better things that add value and experience to their work. We need peace and harmony in Kyambogo to move forward instead of fighting each other and Kyambogo must be an institution of excellence,” he said.

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