Reasons why campus babes like leggings

By Viola Sanyu

It is discovered that campusers world wide do prefer putting on leggings  because leggings are great for women who want to wear short dresses and skirts and yet hate showing off their legs!

Leggings are ideal for wearing to create a chic and trendy look for younger women as they can be trimmed with just about any thing!

They are perfect for keeping their legs warm in the Autumn and winter, particularly when worn with knee or ankle boots.

Different lengths are available which is great news for women who don’t have long legs! The elasticated waist makes them easy to pull on and comfortable to wear.

Though campusers like wearing leggings, they do have some demerits.

Unless you are super slim they can add add pounds to every area they touch and are completely unforgiving if you have any lumps and bumps!

Women with alow slung bottom will do alittle to flatter their figure if they wear leggings in any form/shape.

Large calves and chunky ankles will be exaggerated by leggings. They were originally designed as acomfortable alternative for exercising and this is the only place they should ever be worn!

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