Rwandan Singer Yvan Buravan Found Dead

Yvan Dushime Burabyo a.k.a Yvan Buravan’s management revealed how the singer had been flown abroad at the start of August to receive medical treatment for pancreatic cancer treatment.

The management thanked his worried fans and the Rwandan government for assisting with his medical care and asked them to put him in their prayers.

Sadly, East Africa woke up to the unfortunate news of the “Bigtime” singer’s demise as he was pronounced dead this Wednesday morning.

Through a statement released on his social media platforms, Yvan Buravan’s management confirms that the singer passed on in India where he has been receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer.

“Yvan Buravan was a genuine soul that radiated happiness to everyone around him. He motivated all of us to love our Country and our Culture.

“His loss will be immensely felt by his family and friends and throughout our industry. We are certain that our community will remain united, as we go through this unspeakable tragedy. May he rest In Peace,” the statement further reads.

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