Scholarships for Bachelor and Masters degree programmes

Scholarships you can compete for.
Scholarships you can compete for.

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), in collaboration with Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) is offering scholarships for Bachelor and Masters degree  programmes to students.

The scholarships fall in two areas: 
(1) Local Governance and Human Rights (Bachelor and Masters Degree),
(2) Democracy and Development Studies (Bachelors Degree)

 A  total  of  12 scholarships  are  available  and  shall  be  awarded  on  a  competitive  basis.

Eligibility / Selection Criteria

  •  Applicants must be citizens of either Uganda or South Sudan and should not be  more  than  30  years  for  bachelors  programmes,  and  35  years  for  masters  programmes;
  • Applicants  must  have  proof  of  academic  excellence  in  previous  levels  of  education;
  • Applicants  shall  provide  a  motivational  letter  indicating  why  they  desire  to  undertake  the  particular  course;  applicants  holding  leadership  positions  or portray potential for future leadership may have an added advantage;
  • Current or past employment in relevant programme areas such as engagement  in   social,   developmental   and/or   political   sphere(s)   may   have   additional  advantage;
  • Priority will be given to applicants with genuine financial needs.

The Scholarship Package
For  successful  candidates,  the  scholarship  shall  cover  the  cost  of  tuition  and  the residential  workshops  as  charged  by  the  university.  The  student  is  expected  on  his/her own or through other sources to meet the cost of transport, books, research  and other expenses.

Successful candidates from South Sudan shall have the cost for international air or  bus  tickets  to  Uganda  for  the  residential  workshops  (also)  covered  under  the  scholarship.

A  reimbursement  shall  also  be  made  for  the  cost  for  one  international  return ticket for the graduate admission test conducted at the University for Master  Students  –  but  only  when  a  student  has  been  successfully  selected  for  the  scholarship.  The  student  shall  however  still  meet  all  costs  of  inland  travel  either  in Uganda or South Sudan.

Please note: Continuing students are eligible to apply if they fulfill the above criteria.  Future  students  can  apply  for  scholarships  even  before  they  are  admitted,  but  a  scholarship  may  only  be  granted  after  confirmation  of  admission  at  UMU.

Application requirements:  
1) A one or two page motivational letter;
2) A complete and up-to-date curriculum vitae;
3) Copies of relevant transcripts and certificates;
4)  Proof  of  admission  to  Uganda Marty’s University  or  evidence  of  having  applied  for  any  of  the programmes under the scholarship scheme;
5)  Proof  of  current  or  previous  employment,  preferably  copies  of  appointment  letters and/or evidence of past or current engagement in social, developmental  and/or political sphere(s);
6) Two  letters  from  refers who  are  not  relatives  to  the  applicant,  signed, stamped and sealed.

Completed Applications should be addressed and submitted to: 
The Country Representative Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Dr. Angelika Klein, P.O. Box  647, Kampala; or hand delivered to Plot 51A, Princ  Charles Drive, Kololo; or by Mail  to:

Deadline is 30th May, 2013 . Only short listed  candidates  will  be  contacted.
Contact:  The  Registrar,  Uganda  Martyrs  University, Tel: (+256) 038 410611, or Email:

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