Should The Government Regulate High Transport Fares?

Should The Government Regulate High Transport Fares?

Following the Presidential announcement in June 2020 to ease restrictions on Public transport, Busses and commuter taxis were allowed to operate again after 2 months of Lock down, following the SOPs as set by the Ministry of Health

A conductor sanitizing a woman in a taxi park

Due to social distancing measure, transporters were required to carry half passenger capacity. This led to transport fares to double and in some areas it was as three times more than cost before COVID.

However, there have been incidents where some commuter taxis have been seen carrying at full capacity and still charging the same high cost disregarding the guideline of carrying at half capacity and social distancing.

Police has since issued strong warnings to those taxis that carry at full capacity Disregarding the SOPs and threatened to arrest both the taxi operator and the passengers found in the full taxi.

In a plenary sitting of Wednesday 24th/02/2021, Hon. Olanya Gilbert raised a concern over the high cost of transport (PSV’s). He said that owners of the public service vehicles continue to charge high transport cost, yet they continue to carry full capacity, as was before COVID19. He appealed to the Government to intervene

Hon Olanya Speaking at a plenary sitting Yesterday, Kampala. Photo by Parliament of Uganda

“We need a clear measure on how the government will manage the high and increasing cost of transport (PSV’s). Should we leave the issue of high cost of transport to be determined by the forces of demand and supply? No..” The speaker of parliament Rt Hon. Rebecca Kadaga wondered

Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga During plenary sitting on Wednesday

The question however remains, whether the government will come out and regulate the high transport costs,

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