Showcasing at DOADOA 2013,Uganda-centric jazz melodies

Doadoa Showcasing

Showcasing at DOADOA 2013:Milege (Uganda)

Date : Tuesday 7th May 2013

Venue: Flavours Bar, Jinja.

Inimitable rhythms; Uga-centric jazz melodies; powerful sounds- this is the style of Milégé. Started in January 2009, Milégé is a Six-man band of youthful, smart and enthusiastic people; all passionate about music.

The team came together after realizing the missing link inc scene. The band gets its name from the japhadola – c in eastern Uganda, meaning “a rattle-like bell” worn around the ankle for traditional dances and to usher in the King or chiefs.

Milégé’s vision is to contribute and spear head the creation of world class arts rooted in Uganda’s cultural heritage, built on principles of originality, quality and longevity.

Although, the band’s purpose is laden with duty, this team of vibrant and dynamic young people is committed to increasing the appreciation of local talent in Uganda and sharing this talent with the world.

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