Software, Websites and Applications Students can use to make Money

Software, Websites and Applications Students can use to make Money
Creating content is very important in our world today and it requires people to have certain skills in order to do so. Apart from skills, interest towards creating content is also very important. As students it is very important to also note that we could also make income through such softwares and applications. Today I have provided ten applications and softwares in which students can use in order to earn more money.


1. Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool that makes creating custom graphics easy. It is user friendly and it is easily accessed by phone and tablet. You can use it to design things like presentations, invitations, posters, brochures, business cards for organizations and even businesses.

“It is a software that students can use especially when they do not have vast knowledge about how to edit” says Charles Olawale; a student who is vastly conversant with Canva. “You can make designs for people and then get paid for it.” He adds.

Even though canva doesn’t have all the available tools that could be used but it is very friendly for students who are not so good at editing as it provides already made templates. Olawale uses Canva to produce Fliers, posters and cards which he prints and sells to people. Olawale’s full interview can be seen below.





2. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop has been considered a great tool for creating graphics and animations. it has frame by frame techniques which renders Disney-style animation. it is a very effective software to use which makes one’s designs look somewhat realistic. It is mainly used for manipulation of photos and creating advanced photographs.  “If you want visually appealing messages you use photoshop.” says  Emmanuel, a graphic design manager at UCU.

A screenshot of Adobe Photoshop


He also adds that in order to use photoshop, there are certain skills that a student must acquire in order to use it. Photoshop however requires about $20.99 dollars per month. But once given access to it could be used to create animations, graphic designs which could be sold in order to money.

3. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics software that lets you create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and complex illustrations for any medium. It is the industry standard design software that lets you capture your creative vision with shapes, color, effects, and typography.


A screenshot of Adobe Illustrator

“Creating content based on understanding what the public needs.: says Emmanuel. You should be able to know what the market needs before creating from Illustrator. “It requires a lot of Skills and practice.” says James Ademide “But the earnings are worth it” He adds. Ademide uses Illustrator to make Logos and drawings for companies in which he earns money for it.

4. Maya 

This is one of the leading 3D animation, simulation, rendering, and modeling software application enpowered with exeptional toolset. Below is a video showing on what Maya ia all about:


“Everything is CG and its got to be created or modelled.” Says Wade Neistadt, an expert in using the Maya software. He also earns a lot of money creating animations from Maya. This software is a bit technical and advanced in order to use.
|A screenshot of Maya software

This is because it involves you making a virtual world which requires you to build it from scratch. this application is used by major studios like Dream Works Animation Studios.

5. Vyond
Vyond is a flexible animation creator that customizes the animated characters with various hues of color and efficiently showcasing the diversity of their race.
There are options to slide scales and offer a flexible environment for animating objects and characters alike. Vyond is used to make presentations and video animation on YouTube. Below is a tutorial on how to use Vyond:

“Vyond is a very simple app and it is user friendly.” says Rued Riis. He also has a YouTube tutorial in order to help new users understand how to use it better. As mentioned before it is very useful in making presentations. This would be helpful when creating videos for Organizational presentation which could be used to earn money.

6. Adobe Animate
Adobe Animate is a brilliant tool to make animations with interactive vectors that you can use in games, web as well as on apps and make banners and cartoons movable. Infographics and tutorials become lively with this tool and you can share them on numerous platforms as well using mobile, computer or TV.
A screenshot of Forest Created by Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is widely used to make realistic animated images and vectors. “It brings to life the essence of image manipulation.” Says Charles Olawale. It could be sold to make a lot of money. After creating you animated images you can sell it to poeple

7. Moho 
Moho is a complete animation tool dedicated to digital artists and professionals which was used to make movies like Song of the Sea and The Breadwinner (both were nominated for OSCAR).
An image of Phineas from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb
Moho is used by a variety of animation studios. Below is a tutorial on how to use Moho for beginners.
“You should have some level of experience” says James Ademide. “It could take a while for you to to fully understand what it is all about” He adds. “But when your product is good there would be a lot of opportunities you could get from it.
8. Filmora
Filmora is a Video editing software that is used to edit videos. It has various features that can be used in order to edit videos with different camera angles and sound settings.
Filmora Tutorial 
Filmora can be used to create video contents which is in high demand in today’s world. High quality videos could be used to create content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.
Other Websites and Applications Students can make money from:
9. is a website where people can sell their pictures, comics and poems to earn money.
A tutorial on what Baskadia is all about
It is a Social tipping Platform which one can not only sell their product but also acquire recognition for your products and what you do. this is a great way to promote yourself especially when you are a beginner at what you do.
A screenshot of a picture posted on Baskadia by Teejaygraphy
10. YouTube
YouTube is one of the most popular platforms used by over 37 million Content creators and it is one of the reasons why the global market is ever expanding. In order to use this social media platform.

Interview with Chatlee

“What inspired me to start my YouTube Channel was actually making hair.” says Chatlee, a Youtuber with over a thousand and two hundred subscribers. She began her YouTube channel almost two years ago with little or no experience about YouTube but was inspired nonetheless by the videos she watched on the channel.

A video from Chatlee’s YouTube channel
“As a full time student you have to be able to plan.” Says Chatlee when asked of the challenges she face when she started her YouTube channel. ” Time management and I was also Intimidated with what I was Starting with.” she adds.
A Video from my YouTube Channel

“It feels good to know that you’ve gone through something and you actually doing it” She says when asked how how YouTube has helped her personally. YouTube is a very good source of income if you want to go into video content creating.

11. TikTok 
TikTok is another video content creating application that is also used by over sixty five million active users as of 2020. it rose into fame and prominence in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic and has been even more popular ever since.
Celebrities Creating A tiktok video together
“I wanted to leave my comfort zone.” Says Chizoba when asked about what inspired her to start her TikTok account. “I wanted to explore the creative part of me.” she adds. She also advises students to just start making videos saying “You need to be consistent. Jump on trends on tiktok, that’s how you get views.”
Video of a TikTok Trend
When asked of the challeges faced she says that “Creative process of making a video can be a challege. But nonetheless, it is no surprise how TikTok as impacted the media in an ever evolving world. below is the full interview with Chizoba AKA Chizzy.
In Conclusion, the Internet has provided different ways for students to be able to earn a living while studying. It is important to note that there are a lot of challenges one will face. But when dedication and Hard work is applied it would be worthwhile. And also there are various ways students can start making money for themselves without having to open a shop. The internet has made it very easy to make money.  A student can start making money while still having studies thanks to the internet.
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