Soroti University to stay closed even this academic year

Soroti University to stay closed even this academic year

The administration at Soroti University  has been left puzzled after the  National Council for High Education (NCHE), for the second time, stopped the opening of  of the university over failure to meet minimum requirements.

The university had already issued out a list of its course and was planning to admit its pioneers this academic year in August. However, it seems that it will need to go back to the “kitchen” to prepare itself once more.

On his tour to the University, the executive director for Higher Education Prof Opuda Asibo said that the University is yet to meet the other minimum requirements.

“It does not have adequate staff, we have not yet approved some courses and some university structures need to be improved,” Prof Asubo said.

One of the building at the university: Internet Photo

Therefore, students who wish to enroll into  Soroti University will have to hold on more longer as they wait for an official communication from NCHE.

The government of Uganda had given out a total sum of Shs18 billion to the University to help in the completion of facilities before 2017, which was the set date for the university’s official opening.

A contract was signed between the University Taskforce and Complaint Construction Company and the latter received Shs10 billion to put up the structures while a balance of Shs8 billion was paid later to furnish the buildings for official opening of the University

On July 16, 2015, the Parliament of Uganda approved  and gazetted Soroti University as Uganda’s 9th public university under statutory instrument 2015 No. 34.


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