South Africa’s Julius Malema on Police Brutality towards Makerere University Students

Julius Malema has condemned police brutality towards students : COURTESY PHOTO

South African politician, Julius Malema has joined the list of activist condemning police and the army actions in the Makerere University strike.

In his statement, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader said the security officers’ brutality to the already aggrieved students.

“We condemn police brutality and violence against a peaceful demonstration by the students’ protestors,” Mulema stated.

He argues that police should instead be the ones protecting the students in regards to their mission; keeping law and order.

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The brutality also extended to journalist who were covering the strike: COURTESY PHOTO

“We can identify with the plight of the students who across the world faced with the fees that make access to education the privilege of the rich and powerful.

“Nothing about money has anything to do with academic potential and talents. As a result, many intelligent and academically deserving students and youth get marginalized by exorbitant fees or commodification of education, thus robbing society of the benefits of their brilliant,” EFF added.

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