Saving is a portion of every income you earn put a side for security and future use, it’s always a choice of what percentage to save 10%, 20% according to your cash inflow.

Before your start saving, your most have a financial goal and a clear purpose of how you what your life to be, this will motive you save.

No one is born rich or poor, since we are all born naked without anything earthly. Our financial habits determine our financial status whether poor or rich.

If you do not purpose to put some money aside as savings, the demand around you will take away the little money you have. A monthly salary (30) days and blow all the money in two (2)days  without saving anything.

Poor money habits and the lack of clear financial goals is the number one reason people don’t save and instead spend their income unwisely.

Here are a few tips to get you started ;

Have a clear financial goals and write the down, why and how much you need to save. Have a clear financial goals will help you stick and accomplish  your plan.

You must save a portion of your cash inflow, never consume everything you earn. saving a portion of your cash inflow and invest it, this is a necessity and not a luxury.

Live within your means; only spend what is left after saving. Fit your entire lifestyle within the money you have left with after putting a side what you need to save

Watch who you hang out with (savers or spenders), this will determine your financial life. Chose friends who are progressive   and  are savers. “Bad company corrupts good character”

Don’t be casual about money, write down your expense. Track your daily expense and budget for your money, helps you manage your finances and the ability to save.

Invest any money you have saved, think of savings as capital in a business that will generate cash. You can then freely spend the cash from your business knowing that the business will continue generating more cash for the future

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