Steps to consider when renovating your house

Steps to consider when renovating your house

We renovate our houses for so many reasons, maybe you want to sell it off, or to give it a new look. Renovation should be taken as serious as building especially if you want to do major renovations like changing the roof, adding a strong ceiling among other things as these may affect the house if not done right. Here is a guide on how steps to consider when renovating your house.

Make a plan

Patrick Kamoga a builder notes that for every additions to the house, you need to have a plan. This will include the rooms you plan to renovate, how you want to renovate them among other things.  The plan will help you create a clear picture on how you want your house to look like after renovation and what it will take to achieve that look.

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Make a budget

Kamoga adds that after the plan, think of how much money you need to have the whole building renovated. This will help you learn on the amount of money you need to spend on the whole renovation process. This will as well help you plant a head of time, think of the labour, materials, and other additional costs.

Do you want to do a little renovation at a time or a onetime project, you will therefore plane your budget depending on how you want the project to be done.

Do you need a contractor

“Do you need a contractor or you will do it yourself. Renovation is also like building, you need a professional to do it or the building will be messed up. You can choose to do it yourself but with a team of experts,” says Jane Kizza an engineer.


What materials will you use, you have to put in mind how strong your house is, can it handle heavy materials or it may collapse. If the house isn’t strong then consider using lighter materials, especially when replacing the roof, floor or adding another room.

“Don’t use strong iron when the house can’t manage the load as this may put it down, gauge the strength of the house and add materials of the load you can manage,” she adds.

He adds that you should also check the kind of materials you are using as some are fake, some tiles will get worn out after days and some cement will crack in no time. Consider buying genuine products from well-known industries or ware houses.

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Do outstanding renovations

Renovations help you put your house to a standard it wasn’t therefore if you have decided to do it, make a statement. If it’s the paint, choose to go with the trend Mary Namukose an interior designer notes that you can use adopt using two to three colours in a room, go with the trendy tiles, chose galvanized ceilings, good roofing, trendy windows and doors among others.

“You will not renovate your house every time, if you get a chance to do it do elegant and outstanding work to save time and money,” she adds.

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