Stock Items Needed to go through the Corona-virus Lock-down

Stock Items Needed to go through the Corona-virus Lock-down

The president of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Tuesday March 31, 2020 announced a curfew. Ugandans will be at their homes at exactly 7:00pm and no movements allowed afterwards.

Total Lock down

Other countries especially in Europe and in Africa, South Africa for example have opted for a total lock down to curb the spread of corona virus.

These conditions require minimized to no movements. Therefore, stocking up necessities especially food is the best idea. The following should not skip your shopping list.
  1. Match box: This so far the most important especially for those who use firewood or charcoal as there main source of energy. But equally important to others as an alternative source of energy from electric-power.

    Match Boxes
    You need a matchbox in your corona quarantine and lock down                                                                                                  
  2. Salt:                                                                                                             Salt is always a mus have in all situations. You can go without sugar but have you ever imagined soup without salt? Therefore, ensure that you have enough salt to cater for your cooking during the curfew or lock down period.

    Iodized Salt, Uganda | © GAIN - Global Alliance for Improved ...
    Stock enough salt to take you through the lock down                                                   
  3. Corn/Maize Flour: Maize flour is a an all seasons foodstuff that should not miss on your stock for quarantine. In addition to not going bad easily, maize flour can be used to make different food types from posho to porridge, It is also a solution to hunger since it contains alot of starch that can make you feel full all day. It as well takes less fuel to prepare.

    Uganda: Mapping of Maize Millers | SPRING
    Maize flour is packed in different weights and you able to purchase what is enough for you (COURTESY PHOTO)
  4. Rice: This can be in form of rice grain, rice flour, rice syrup, rice bran oil, and rice milk. Rice is composed of carbohydrates, with small amounts of protein and virtually no fat. But its advantages are enormous. Apart from being durable, it is easy to cook and takes less time to ready. This will allow you to save on your fuel and gas.
  5. Cooking oil and processed spices: Spices for both tea and sauce have been processed to ensure that they long last in circumstances like the corona virus lock down. These range from cinnamon, pepper, ginger, powder onion and tomatoes to use in different food beverages.Unlike cooking oil, for spices, you may need to forget fresh for sometime until out of quarantine.
  6. Hey what about for sauce? Beans will be your number one solution but requires alot of fuel and gas to prepare. Groundnuts is also another alternative or you can stock both of them to be on a safer side and also be able to interchange.

You still need some more…

  1. Wheat flour: Have you ever sat down and thought how many things especially snacks you can make out of wheat? Bread, cakes, mandazi, chapati, daddies to mention but a few. You need this product by all means to sort your tea-escort struggles.
  2. Honey: Is both a beverage and medicine. It should not miss out on your corona virus lock down stock
  3. Vegetables and Fruits: You need them for Vitamins and a good health. If you do not have means of preserving them, go for powdery products that will go for the rest of your quarantine period.

    Powdered fruits
    Powdery foodstuffs dont easily go bad (COURTESY PHOTO)                                 
  4. But you still need pasta or spaghetti to be on your plan B. Although most people especially in Africa take it as an escort rather than main dish, spaghetti and Pasta still offer the cheapest way of dealing with hunger.
  5. Food stuffs like sugar can be added on the list. However, still depending on your budget,some food is not a must have for life to go on.
  6. Soap + Sanitizer: History has recorded its first global war on washing hands with soap or using any alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The last but not least item on the is a bar of soap. You need this for your laundry and hands too to keep safe from the corona pandemic.

Bidco Soap Brands & Products

Stock as much as enough soap according to the size of your family because this time you may need twice the usual soap you use.

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