Stop nepotism,graft-Makerere staff to Bosses

Stop nepotism,graft-Makerere staff to Bosses
Makerere staff members under their umbrella Forum for Staff Associations, have decried the university administration to stop their nepotic tendencies.

The associations which includes Makerere University Academic Staff Association (Muasa), Makerere Administrative Staff Association (Masa) and the National Union of Educational Institutions, contends that there is a lot of anomalies in the way staff are appointed, with a number of offices in the university reportedly attained without following the laid down procedures in the university’s Human Resource Manual of 2009.

They add that, the University lacks a proper administrative structure with which positions are filled and although they had instituted a committee to deal handle the matter, Mr Bruce Balaba Kabaasa, who was its head, drafted the structure with absolute solitude.

According to the resolutions from the staff meeting convened on June 1, 2018,the current internal adverts aimed at recruiting new administrative staff is irregular since the procedure for creating the structure was not followed as expected and should therefore be paused until the matter is fixed.

    Makerere staff confront bosses on nepotism graft

Makerere University staff in a meeting on June 1.  FILE PHOTO 

The staff cited an example of two staff who were appointed on contract in the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration, even after their competence for the job and positions in the approved structure of the office were queried.(Sunday Monitor)

However,Dr Charles Wana-Etyem, the Makerere University Council chairperson, criticized the staff’s resolutions saying that they are null and void.

“There are some (issues) on the basis of my assessment I determine there is no merit, we let it go. Makerere is a public institution and people will always have various interests, and people will also place interpretation, sometimes they don’t have a basis upon which to raise their concerns. All they see is the output rather than the processes which they may not have access to. On that basis, I am unable to, at this point in time, give you a response to these issues. But we are addressing them,” Wana-Etyem stated.

 Nevertheless, the staff board is ready to take action until the vice that have eaten-up the university including fraud, abuse of office, nepotism, corruption, conflict of interest, bribery in recruitment processes are completely wiped out.


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