Struggle as Ugandans travel to the villages.

Struggle as Ugandans travel to the villages.

During the presidential address on June 6, 2021, the president of the Republic of Uganda HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, imposed another lockdown with its own restrictions.

Schools, colleges, institutions, universities; were to be closed and studies suspended for the next 42 days.

The pupils and students, some of which had just reported back to school were required to return home until further notice. This has affected a number of people as most are now struggling to catch the easiest transport means to get back to their homes and villages.

As earlier witnessed during the first COVID 19 lockdown in Uganda, it was a hustle for some families to survive during those hard moments without working and at the same time supporting their household.

Some of these children developed poor habits due to the high level of permissiveness and peer group influence.

Luggage piled up as travelers wait for buses.

As of today, long queues have been made in bus terminals and taxi parks as many travelers including school children, teachers, parents, business men; await for buses and taxis to take them back to villages before Thursday 10th June 2021.

 Only emergency, tourist and vehicles transporting goods will be allowed to travel from one district to another.

 Several travelers seen hustling to secure a seat or two for themselves without considering how much it would cost them.

Crowded bus park

Transport fare has been increased to more than three times the usual fare. In Namayuba Bus Terminal, travelers heading to Gulu have been charged Ush120,000 compared to the usual fare of Ush30,000.

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