Student Loan Scheme: 5b can only cater for 1,000 students

Harold Kaija
Harold Kaija

By Harold Kaija.

Student Loan Scheme: According to the national budget read recently, 30 billion shillings will cater for State House bursaries.

And the rest of Ugandan students will share the Student Loan Scheme fees of 5b. One Billion of which will go for management of the scheme. Good development!

If a student needs 2M per year, the scheme shall cater for only 2,000 students which is a small proportion of more than 20,000 students ready to enter University.

But even 2m per student per year is less, meaning the loan scheme will cater for about 1,000 students.
Back to 30b for State House bursaries of which the Minister for Kampala is a beneficiary. If the State House ”Special kid” needs 5m per year, the bursary will sponsor 6,000 ‘Special kids’.

Where do you fall, among the “special kids” or the rest of “Ugandan students”………..Just asking?

The writer is a self employed graduate of Kyambogo university.

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