Students abandon Hostel Bus

Students jumping out of the Hostel Bus.
Students jumping out of the Hostel Bus.

By Bakampemukira Denis

Business came to a stand still in Bwaise, a slum neighbouring Nkumba University  for 30 minutes when the Hostel Bus which takes the university resident  students overheated and started producing heavy smoke from the radiator  after moving  120metres.

The heavy and hot smoke filled the bus  forcing the driver and the over loaded students to jump out through the windows in shock.

Some students were heard calling there mothers to come and rescue them but concerned citizens of Bwaise  nearly run out of their houses naked to offer assistance to the helpless students.After a narrow escape, the annoyed boys started abusing the driver who turned a deaf hear to their insults.

The driver, Mr. Yusuf  later technically cooled the engine and told the students to board the bus again but they all refused and decided to walk to the Hostel.

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