Students roll into Prostitution to Raise Tuition

“Financial problems dragged me into corporate prostitution where I got infected by HIV”says Jane (not real name).

She is a 27 years old and engaged in corporate prostitution during her days in campus. Jane narrates how she frequented night clubs with friends where they would find wealthy men and offer a free drink and in return they could only offer sex.

She added that when she got used to this habit, she started doing it alone without friends. In the process, she was acquired HIV from one of the clients who paid her a very huge amount of money. This was the starting point that made her life miserable because no one wanted to talk or interact with her anymore since they knew she was affected and her condition was terrible too.

Campus students in a club waiting for potential men.

Corporate prostitution is one of the worst habits that campus students especially girls do engage in. No one can figure out the real reasons or situation that pushes them to opt for prostitution. Because some do it willing and others are being forced by different situations.

Below Jane (not real name) tells her story.

Corporate prostitution is a digitalized version of prostitution where by the client and service provider meet online through social media or phone calls and make serious appointments like those of real business where they agree on time, venue and payments for the business, it most times happens in places like bars, restaurants, expensive hotels, universities and unsuspicious places like banks and offices. For the case of bars waiters and waitresses are used as messengers to connect the two people (clients and service provider).

Service provider meets with a client
Such places above are where corporate prostitution is at times is carried out

The images below show that clubs and bars which are the meeting places for sexual workers and their clients are almost located in the same location where universities are located.

An image showing locations of Universities.

The image below is showing locations of different clubs which are in the same areas with the Universities

Kaitesi Ruth, a final year student at Kampala International University studying Bachelors in mass communication advises students not to practice prostitution reason being she believes that if a parent was able to send a child to the university then he or she will do anything to facilitate for your needs while at campus. When “I was still a leader so many students came to me seeking for advice after things have gone bad on them.” she added.

Below is the video Kaitesi Ruth advising campus students

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