Reasons why some women cheat in a relationship

Reasons why some women cheat in a relationship

According to a survey carried out by British Sexual Fantasy Research Project, a third of married women have at least kissed another person outside of their marriage, compared to nearly 50% of married men. The Campus Times has compiled some reasons why some women cheat on their lovers. Revenge for your cheating; Hell hath no […]

A player will call you sweet names in your inbox

How to know  a player on face book He will be call you sweet names in your inbox…but on your wall, he or she will refer to you as  “dear “or your name… If you comment on his photo…he or she will only say “thanks dear “to avoid his other lovers from doubting. Post lovely […]

Tips on how to hug your loved one

Hugging is a close, physical expression between two people. It’s an act of comforting, or an expression of true love. Every girl deserves a hug from her loved one so that she feels you care about her. Hugging a girl seems exciting but might be terrifying if you can’t do it the right way. Here […]

Quotable Quote – Don’t cry because he left you

Don’t cry because he left you. Smile because he gave you the opportunity to find someone who truly loves you and deserves you much better than him.  Because it’s sad when you’re willing to do everything to be loved by someone and he is also doing everything to love somebody else.

Dating Tips. Should you date a friend’s ex

By Aderah Karugaba  Is it the ultimate girl crime or can it be justified?  Yes We have all had that stomach flutter when your best pal introduces her new man who you can’t help but notice is very attractive. So what happens when their romance crushes and burns but your flutter doesn’t go away. Should […]

How I fell in love with my lecturer

When I joined campus two years ago, little did I know that I would ever fall in love with my lecturer, 22 year old Jane narrates her ordeal. I was too green about relationship issues having spent most of my early child hood education in single schools. During my first days at campus, I used […]

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