Emiel Griesbach Year OAC ’30 Scholarship

Emiel Griesbach Year OAC ’30 Scholarship

Emiel Griesbach Year OAC ’30 Scholarship Master Up to 15 August 2023 Visit Scholarship Website Also read: Saint Patrick’s Day Greening Scholarship Established In memory of their classmate Emiel C. Griesbach, OAC ’30. Eligibility Full-time students in a graduate program offered by the Department of Food Science who are entering semesters 1, 2 or 3 […]

Work Experience Bursary for International Students at University of Birmingham, UK

The University of Birmingham is welcoming outstanding students from all over the world for Work Experience Bursary in the United Kingdom. The educational program is available to support motivated students who want to take part in a full-time undergraduate degree at the university for the academic year 2020/21. The University of Birmingham was established in 1898 as the […]

Fully funded PhD Scholarship for International Students at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK

The Brighton and Sussex Medical School is looking for motivated, hard-working, bright students who wish to apply for a fully funded PhD Studentship in the United Kingdom. The educational bursary is available for high-potential applicants of any nationality commencing in the PhD degree program at the school for the session 2020/21. The purpose of the award is to […]

International Scholarships at Bath Spa University, UK

Bath Spa University is pleased to offer funding opportunities for high achieving students who are looking to study in the UK. The International Recruitment Office award is open for international students from outside the UK who are incoming undergraduate or postgraduate studies starting in September 2020. Established in 2005, Bath Spa University is the sixth most prominent provider of Teacher Education […]

500 funding for UK/EU/International Students at the University of Kent, UK

Looking for a way to catch the golden opportunity of getting higher education in the UK? The University of Kent is delighted to offer the First 500 funding for the high achieving dazzling candidates. The studentship is available to assist that student who has full potential but not recognized by current assessment methods and wants […]

Ugandan- Oxford Based Student who Married Herself Collects Ush 22 million Tuition Contribution

The Ugandan-Oxford based student,  Lulu Jemimah, who recently married herself has raised 4000 Euros,(22 million Ush) as voluntary contribution to her tuition. Last year, Lulu was admitted to the two-year Masters in creative writing course but lacked adequate funds to cater for her tuition. After a fruitless search for sponsor, the 32 year old decided to […]