Airtel Uganda has taken charge in supporting a few higher institutions of learning through availing internet data services at no cost.

On Friday a head to the 11th graduation ceremony themed, ” Surpassing Pre-Pandemic Performance.”

Cavendish University Uganda lands first the big deal for partnership with Airtel Uganda to ensure the initiative a success.

In a joint press conference, kampala at the main University premises , the Executive Director Cavendish University Uganda Mr. Fred Mutabanura explained how this has been championed by Airtel Uganda to make studying more affordable.

Many students face challenges to access the study platforms due to inability to get data, limited access to study gadgets ,however with Airtel Uganda this has been solved through provision of a subsidy the university has arranged with Airtel Uganda.

“Students shall have the advantage to access the learning platforms or study portals anywhere at anytime using Airtel network at a zero rated cost, ” he said.

Ms. Saida Hussein Head of Corporate Airtel Uganda described how the students in the education sectors of Uganda are very dear to Airtel and for a long period the company has been eager to assist them within Airtel means.

To support students continue studying despite of the pandemic, Airtel Uganda shall not only stop at Cavendish University but to also open up to many other committed institutes of higher education learning, Saida said.

She included that Cavendish University Uganda has been a fast player in the field of technology as an institute therefore giving Airtel Uganda no doubt to come on board.

This is an achievement to Airtel because it shows the company’s addition to more positive values over the society, she added.


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