Tell Your Story and Win 1000 EUR – The first ever StoryMaker Africa Competition

storymaker_4Free Press Unlimited is launching the first ever StoryMaker competition in Africa. The competition is open to journalists, bloggers and activists across Africa who submit stories that showcase human rights issues that are important in your community. Would you like to enter this competition and be the first StoryMaker Africa Competition winner? Click here to apply.

1st Place 1000 EUR

2nd Place 750 EUR

3rd Place 500 EUR


A special prize will be given for the best story focusing on gender issues.

Applicant Requirements

Applicants must:

  • be practicing journalists, bloggers or storytellers (students, NGO activists, etc.)
  • live and work in Africa
  • have an Android smartphone that can run StoryMaker
  • only submit one story per category

Story Requirements: (stories should be in the form of video)

Stories must:

  • be compelling and be of human interest
  • be original and adhere to the 5 W´s (who, what, why, when, where)
  • be of good technical quality (sound, light and images)
  • be no longer than 3 minutes
  • be shot and edited using StoryMaker
  • be uploaded on the site
  • focus on one of the two categories mentioned above

Stories will be scored on quality of content and visual storytelling as well as technicality. They will be judged by a professional jury consisting of experts and media professionals. Participants should complete the application form and send their stories to

Deadline for applications is December 31, 2014 by 5PM CET. Winners will be announced in the beginning of 2015.


With StoryMaker journalists and activists can create quality, news stories and safely share these through their mobile phones. The App is free and can be downloaded via Google Play. StoryMaker is developed by Free Press Unlimited, The Guardian Project and Small World News. The App is now available in both English and Arabic with more languages to come. Learn more here.

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