The best dress code for a graduation party

Cheerful Graduates on a graduation day
Cheerful Graduates on a graduation day

Fashion and Design Tips

There is always light at the every end of a tunnel and it’s every parent’s wish to have a colorful graduation party for his/her children after studying. Don’t stress or get confused over the party dress code on that long awaited day.

Here are a few tips. Think of a nice office attire that will give respect to both you and your parent.

For women, the best fashion and design should carefully be chosen. Choose dressy suits or conservative dresses. Try out cocktail dresses that are long enough not to display your thighs.

Stay away from dresses that are too slinky or sexy. Mini-skarts, tops that show and dispose your breasts should be avoided on a graduation party. Reserve such dresses for an outing on a date with your boyfriend.

For men, a suit with a tie will be cool. However boys should avoid dressing like they are going for semi-formal events. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts and other casual looks are not appropriate for a graduation party.

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