The Launch Of The Guiza Fashion

The Launch Of The Guiza Fashion

On Friday 5th November 2022, was the Guiza Fashion Launch which happened at the Motiv industrial area and the launch was blessed by lots of fashion lovers and famous models to witness the revolution of clothes in the fashion sense.

The night was kick-started off with a kid’s Fashion show, where the little models displayed a collection of several fashion outfits right from causal, bridal to wedding clothes on a runway.

Models on the runway displayed a couple of fashion clothes and styles. Start with the Kimono style, a Japanese outfit blended with an African touch. Another Fashion style displayed was the Kaftan fashion style, an afro urban style where models got dressed in an afro way starting with the hairstyle.

Models also displayed Glamour dresses on the runway with several colors that matched the models themselves.

It’s the male models that inspired the crowds with their suits displayed in several fashion styles and colour.

The fashion launch was an interesting event as it didn’t only involve modeling but also a comedian who goes by names of Daniel Omara who came onto the stage with stunning jokes that cracked revellers rid as they laughed.

The event was wrapped up by also some amazing performances from the Wembly dancing group.

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