The Writer’s Toolbox – tools to help you write better

The Writer’s Toolbox is a four-week course for people looking to improve their writing abilities. Through demonstration, participation and collaboration, TWT will assist participants to develop a clear, cohesive writing style to fit their personal needs. Whether you are an academic, researcher, PR professional, administrator, aspiring journalist/writer, or are writing English as a second language, TWT will offer simple methods to improve your ability to write and elevate your confidence.

What you will learn:

* Simple sentence structure
* Basic editing/composition
* Active versus passive language
* Less is more
* Plus a lot more

Open to ten participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Classes will run once a week starting the week of February 18th (tentatively scheduled for Monday nights but the exact night of the week may change).

Here is a brief outline of the course:

Week One:
Introduction to the course followed basic sentence structure and common mistakes

Week Two:
Finding your “voice” followed by active versus passive writing

Week Three:
The art of the edit

Week Four:
Putting it all together

Please not that the structure and content of the course may change per the wishes of the participants.

Cost 300,000 UGX only

Please contact Ole Tangen if interested.


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