There is a job opportunity at Alliance One US International to work as Financial Accountant

Job Title: Financial Accountant

Alliance One International which provides worldwide service to large cigarette manufacturers and is a leading independent leaf tobacco merchant. Multinational manufacturers of consumer tobacco products rely on independent merchants such as Alliance One to supply the majority of their leaf. As a result Alliance One purchases tobacco in more than 45 countries and serves manufacturers of cigarettes and other consumer tobacco products in over 90 countries.

With its global headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, Alliance One proudly claims broad geographic processing capabilities, a diversified product offering, and an established customer base, which includes all of the major consumer tobacco product manufacturers. They select, purchase, process, pack, store, ship, and, in certain developing markets, provide agronomy expertise and financing for growing leaf tobacco.

Alliance One’s revenues are primarily comprised of sales of processed tobacco and fees charged for related services to manufacturers of consumer tobacco products around the world. They do not manufacture cigarettes or other consumer tobacco products.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:  

  1. In charge of ensuring control of SAP General Ledger Transactions Processing:
  2. Produce Timely and Accurate Financial Reporting to Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Requirements
  3. Monthly General Ledger Reconciliations and their Review:
  4. Monthly Vendor Reconciliations and Review:
  5. Preparation of Bank Payments:
  6. Checking and Approval of Petty Cash Payments:
  7. Payroll Preparation:
  8. Preparation and Review of Bank Reconciliations:
  • Proactively checks and posts vendor invoices that have been parked.
  • Checks and posts general Journal Entries that have been parked.
  • Checks and posts Petty Cash reimbursement journal entries that have been parked.
  • Maintains daily exchange rates in SAP for conversion of Uganda Shilling transactions to US Dollars.
  • Prepares General Ledger Reconciliations and Reviews and approves those prepared by Subordinates on a monthly basis.
  • Obtains General ledger reconciliations under the responsibility of Operations Accountant, ensures they agree with the general ledger and files them.
  • Submits general ledger reconciliations file to the Financial Director for review
  • Clears all Review queries
  • Prepares Vendor Reconciliations between SAP and Vendor Statements, Reviews and approves those prepared by Subordinates on a monthly basis.
  • Quickly resolves all queries arising out of reconciliations
  • Control of Petty Cash Reimbursement Claims
  • Checks Petty cash reconciliations, payments list and supporting documentation to ensure expenditure is valid and correctly allocated to SAP General Ledger accounts, and authorizes for payment to be prepared.
  • Works closely with Petty Cash custodians on expenditure items that require clarification and charges to personal accounts inadmissible expenditures.
  • Reviews Accounts Payable listing for timely payments of suppliers
  • Ensures that bank payments are accurate and timely
  • Checks all bank payments before submission to authorized signatories.
  • Checks and submits bank reconciliations for approval
  • Checks and approves petty cash payments on the Lusaka main petty cash float.
  • Checks petty cash reimbursement requests from other branches before payment is made.
  • Prepares staff payroll (Permanent, Seasonal and Casual).
  • Prepares payroll journal entries and ensures processing in SAP after necessary approvals.
  • Obtains from various branches details about terminations, leave, recruitment and update payroll.
  • Obtains Bank Statements, prepares Bank Reconciliations and Reviews and approves those prepared by Subordinates on a monthly basis.
  • Intuitively resolves all queries arising out of reconciliations

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:  

  • The ideal candidate should hold a University Degree from a reputable institution.
  • A full member of an International Accounting Professional body such as CPA, ACCA or its equivalent
  • The applicant must also be member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU)
  • At least three years post qualification experience preferably working with an Audit Firm.
  • Possess the ability to effectively communicate in English.
  • Ability to plan and organize.
  • Ability to lead and work with and through teams.
  • Ability to influence and network with others.
  • Ability to take initiatives and act before being told.
  • Ability to identify and provide learning opportunities that enable others to reach their full potential.
  • Ability to identify and appreciate the values, concerns and feelings of others.
  • Ability to focus on key goals and deliver results.
  • Ability to focus on accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Ability to pursue high standards in line with agreed organizational values and standards of professionalism.

How to Apply for the job:

​All suitably qualified candidates should send their applications by clicking on this link.

Please upload the following in your application; an updated CV / resume should include your contact information and three work related references and a one page statement describing your suitability for the role should be included.

Deadline: 2oth November 2014

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