Thousands attend Nkumba university street bash

Nkumba university students at the street bash.
Nkumba university students at the street bash.

Nkumba University students were driven crazy at the first street bash as young, upcoming and cerebrated artists entertained students who enjoyed club beer.

The street bash that seemingly looked as a flop due to power shortages and unexpected blackouts at the start, later gained momentum as freshers rushed to attend the bash.

It was discovered that many freshers thought that a roll-call was going to be done and missing meant being punished; hehehe….high school mentality still at play, this is university fellows.

When the continuing students hard that freshers had ambushed the street bash, many guys could not waste a minute other than dishing to the street.

With a club beer at only 2,500 shs, many started boozing like the world was going to end in the following second. You definitely know what followed after energizing the mental senses. Unrecognized couples started becoming countless, and they started whispering  sweet nothings to each other.

Sorry to freshers who never survived being undressed by ambitious men last night but that is part of procreation in case you are prepared.

Time check; 1:05AM. The street bash was at its height, everyone was in the mood but the organizers had run short of artists to keep entertaining the students, so the bash was nearing its end but not many students were willing to move a step away from the street.

Majority of the students could not locate their hostels after emptying  all the club beers, only those who took Fanta and Sprite  sodas like the Guild president in anticipation of winning coke connect prizes helped their colleagues to live the street.

The street bash officially closed at 2: 30AM. At that time, both freshers and continuing students  aspiring to become future professors walked back to their places like village drunkards.

The first ever street bash in Entebbe was organized by Madinah Zalwango, Nkumba university Guild President and her guild government.

Kudos to Gen. Kayihura’s boys who provided security. There was no chaos and students were calm like twin babies sharing the mother’s breasts.


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