Tips for online dating in Uganda

Tips for online dating in Uganda

Gone are the days when parents chose marriage partners for their children, or when we met partners in schools, universities or work places. well things have changes, to find their soul mates, many people are opting for online dating. There are quite a number of dating sites both national and international. As others get partners, some don’t. Here is how to package yourself to get a suitable suitor online as guided by Margaret Tumusiime a counseling psychologist.

The site

Choose a credible site, some sites are not as genuine as others. Some people go to facebook pages (religion based sites to get people of their faith).

Your biography

This is online dating, the way you package yourself sells you more, write an interesting yet honest biography. Nobody will consider a partner with an exaggerated biography. Be honest about your age, work, hobbies, skills, home town to get a perfect match.


Upload responsible and real pictures. So many people upload pictures which are too filtered that when someone meets you in person, you look the opposite. On top of that, avoid indecent pictures, people will not go for a woman with half naked pictures, or a an with unbuttoned shirts.


The language you use will sell you, I have a friend who rejected a capable partner because he said “zelo” for zero. know that the spelling errors and unnecessary short forms could keep your profile on a searching site longer. Use correct grammar, write words in full they are simple thing that matter.


When describing the kind of partner you want, don’t be over demanding, many people look for partner who will give them peace, like them for who they are, and build them up, mention what you want in a man or woman but don’t exaggerate. Remember no one is perfect, you inclusive.

Be open minded

Be ready to adjust some of the things you want in a man.

Don’t rush things

Observe the person you have got and take things slow. When you rush, you crush. In case of a data, go to open places because you dont know this person well. if possible go with a friend.

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