Tips on how to hug your loved one

Every lady deserves a hug from her loved one
Every lady deserves a hug from her loved one

Hugging is a close, physical expression between two people. It’s an act of comforting, or an expression of true love.

Every girl deserves a hug from her loved one so that she feels you care about her. Hugging a girl seems exciting but might be terrifying if you can’t do it the right way.

Here is how to hug your loved one in a way that feels intimate.

Wait for the right moment. Huiging a girl is just as important as how you do it, so play it safe by picking a good moment

Try to figure out if she’d like to be hugged. Girls make it obvious with their body language when they are open to physical contact. Based on how she is standing, or how she greets you, you can figure out if she is comfortable with you going in for the hug.

Approach her gently. Resist the urge to dive in and hug her as quickly as possible. Instead, take a deep breath and move in at a pace that allows her to decide whether or not she wants to hug you. Make eye contact, move a little bit closer to her, then lift your arms and pull her in.

Decide how long you’re going to hold the hug. The duration of your hug says a lot about what it means to you. Here’s a basic guideline to follow:

Release. Pull back from the hugging position in one smooth move. Typically, you want to begin to pull back before she does. Ending it a few seconds earlier than you have to can keep the hug from veering into awkward territory.

Finish it off in a cute way. The way you end it should depend on the situation. If you really like this girl, though, the end of a hug is your chance to do something adorable that she’ll remember.

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