Tips to consider before starting up a campus business

Tips to consider before starting up a campus business

Image result for mango selling at makerere universityMost students especially those from humble backgrounds find university life hard and challenging once they join the university and even throughout their study.

Some tend to spend most of their time doing class work while others merely fail to be creative enough to start something that can earn them income at the end of the day.

Campus life can be interesting and full of fun if one starts a small business of any nature. The main objective after all is to realize profits and business growth in the long run. However, it is important to put certain factors into consideration before you start up business at campus.

Lawrence Osire, a professional entrepreneur recalls on how the business he started while studying at the university has expanded over the years and made him fairly rich.

With the  experience he has, Osire notes that a student must first be sure of striking a balance between studies and business before thinking about starting any type of business.

“There are basic factors that must be considered before starting any business. As for campus business, you have to first assess your business idea. You also have to understand the commitment behind starting a business of your choice bearing in mind that you have to attend lectures as well as manage business.” says Osire

Jill Ainebyoona, a student of journalism at Makerere university is running a printing business which he says is profitable. He enjoys the privilege of not incurring renting costs since he does the business inside his room in University Hall.

Ainebyoona says he has realized that students are willing to support fellow students in terms of business because most students in University Hall as well as his course mates have always approached him to print their work. However, every business obviously has its own challenges.

Most female students in the university often plait their hair to look good. Peninah Namwanga,a student at Makerere University realized  an opportunity in small saloon business and used her savings to start up a saloon which she says has helped her grow financially.


With these inspiring stories, you can start your own business at campus and beat the hustle. You basically have to put into consideration finding a strategic location, the type of business, and possible goods and services that can easily be consumed by university students.

Other businesses that are simple to start while still studying at the university include supply of ready food, fruits, soft drinks and selling cheap clothes and shoes.




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