Tricks campus girls use to con men

Campus girls have so many tricks they use in order to con men of money. Some of them do not want to openly ask for money from their lovers but find others ways of doing it. Foreample if you are moving out together and she comes across a nice dress or a pair of shoes, she will say

“Honey, I like this shoe a lot but I have forgotten my wallet at home, could you plz give me some 250k to buy it…..?

Surprisingly, the wise Boyfriend who has been detoothed (conned) several times will know and also respond calmly with a trick:

“Swe-et…There is no ATM machine around here, but can you take this 5k for transport to take you home and bring your wallet.”

On hearing this, the campus dude will first take a deep breath before hooking up another trick.  “But Honey, am time bad; I’ve a ka lecture at two PM, I will be late if I go home to pick the wallet, then back here. I will buy the shoe next time dear…..,” She tells the gay.

The fellow agrees and still insists, “Anyway, you can still use this 5k for a Boda B to campus so that you don’t get late.

The Campus Times will bring more tricks that these campus students use in the name of I love you.

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