Two Makerere University Students Suspended Over Tuition Policy strike

Two Makerere University Students Suspended Over Tuition Policy strike
Makerere University students at Wandegeya
Makerere Students during the strike PHOTO BY ALEX ESAGALA

Makerere University administration has suspended two ring leaders in the Tuesday October 22, 2019 strike in which students protested the 15% tuition policy.

According Daily monitor reports, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe confirmed the suspension of Guild Representative Councillor for School of psychology, Mollie Siperia and reknown “strike master” Frank Bwambale on allegations of inciting violence.

“Well all I can tell you is I wasn’t surprised at all that I got it (suspension letter). That’s the trend now at Makerere University. Everyone who tries to express themselves is suppressed to the core. It was no surprise to me at all,” Ms Spellia told Daily Monitor

However, it is not clear whether the suspension is indefinite or just for a specified period. Additionally, other students who participated in the protest received warning letters.

Unlike other strikes, yesterday’s was led by a bunch of female students PHOTO BY ALEX ESAGALA

The strike was spearheaded by female students led by Vice Guild president, Judith Nalukwago. They claimed claimed that as mothers of the nation, they had the responsibility of fighting for the next generation.

“This university is for poor students. Those who increased the tuition have their children studying outside this country. Some of us are here selling our bodies to get tuition. Mr President we are your Bazukkulu. Please halt this policy and relieve us from selling our bodies,” Ms Nalukwago said.

Male students also followed suit and what looked like a simple demonstration turned into a serious strike. 20 students were arrested by police and military and detained at the Wandegeya police station but were later released on police bond.

The protested policy was approved by the university council in 2018 in which students are pay an increased 15% of the initial tuition fees for five years and 75% thereafter.

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